Soft Touch International Blog Latest Products Sat, 18 May 2024 15:56:29 +0530 en-us Sweet Dream Feather Pillow – Look for a Comfortable and Relaxed Sleep Sat, 18 Sep 2021 13:42:15 +0530 Sweet Dream Feather Pillow helps you to find a comfortable and relaxed sleep during the night. Now, you can start your day with a fresh feeling. Do you need some comfortable and relaxed sleep after a stressful day? If yes, a pillow plays a significant role in making everything comfortable. Now, you can choose the sweet dream feather pillow that promises the utmost softness and comfort as compared to any other hand of the pillow. These pillows are made of the feather of a young bird. Different products are made with these feathers including jackets, bedding, sleeping bags, and pillows. The cost of the pillow remains cost-effective and available in a rectangular shape. They are designed to sleep comfortably in western-style beds. The pillow makes sure extreme relaxation and comfort on the neck of the user. It is better than the trendy foam and hence the best choice for people to buy the pillow. To discover the right pillow, it's a good idea to recognize some of the key factors engaged. The top-quality feather pillow is prepared from the goose down. Geese offer the softest and highly resilient feathers. These pillows will even be highly costly on the market and remain for the last many years if kept properly. Consider the fact that cheap products will be packed with duck down or a combination of duck and goose down. The next important factor to consider is the pillow firmness. If you choose a firmer pillow, you will wish to look for a feather pillow having a fill power of around 700 to 800. If your wish to buy a softer pillow, it is better to choose a pillow possess a lower fill power. It is better to look for a pillow that is having a high quality encasing. The pillows having covered that have a higher count of thread will be good to protect for several years. The pillow made of lower quality may have problems with feathers coming out or seams breaking after extensive use. To increase the life of sweet dream feather pillow, it is a good idea to use a pillow protector and a pillowcase. If you've made a good choice, you are ready to start your quest for the right pillow. How to take care of your feather pillow: If you are desirable that your pillow work out for a long time, it is important to maintain proper hygiene. According to the direction shared by the manufacture, you can dry clean or wash by hand. A small quantity of detergent should use detergent if you wash it out at home. Where to shop? There are lots of online stores available for you and offering the Sweet Dream Feather Pillow. All you need to find the right price and quality. You can place your order online and get the delivery within the quickest time possible. The shipping may cost you or sometimes just free of cost. Interesting Facts to Know About Feather Mattress Topper Fri, 03 Dec 2021 10:52:42 +0530 If you are one amongst those who are constantly suggesting chronic lower back pain and severe body aches every other day, post leaving your bed or after waking up from sleep. And or twisting or turning during sleep, on the bed. Or even experiencing your mattress turning excessively hot or cold during your sleep, then you might need a feather mattress topper. The feather mattress topper has become the perfect solution for everybody who wants to enhance their mattress durability and or make their bed comfy. But irrespective of their popularity, a lot of us aren’t aware of how to feather mattress toppers work. Mattress Topper: Everything About It As the name- feather mattress topper suggests, it is an extra layer that you can choose to add to your existing mattress. The mattress toppers are designed to double the comfort level during sleep and offer added protection to your mattress. Both the comfort and look of your existing mattress can be uplifted through a mattress topper. Different Mattress Toppers Available in the Market You can browse through a vast assortment of sizes, thicknesses, and materials available for feather mattress toppers. Apart from the feather mattress topper, you will also get mattress toppers in  Memory foam  Feather Wool Cotton Latex   Feather Mattress Topper The down feathers of the birds are used to manufacture feather mattress toppers. The feather mattress toppers are also termed down toppers. The down toppers don’t only exude an opulent feel but are also feathery soft which elevates the comfy level of your body. But when choosing a feather mattress topper, make sure to pick one that has more than a 200-thread count, if you wish to feel the luxe of the feather toppers. The Top Benefits Feather Mattress Toppers Have Now that you are clear about how a mattress topper works or the different types of mattress toppers available, let us delve deeper into its advantages. They Manage the Firmness of the Mattress When you install a mattress topper on your existing mattress, you can easily adjust the firmness of the same according to your comfort level. For instance, installing a feather mattress topper can offer elevated softness and a luxe feel. By simply adding a mattress topper, you can alter the entire feel of your present mattress. They Offer Extra Level of Comfort to the Sleeper Your comfort level is doubled, once you install mattress toppers on your existing mattress. For instance, if your mattress is getting or cooling up quickly during sleep, then you can consider adding a feather mattress topper to help the heat dissipate while maintaining a pleasant temperature for sleep. They Increase the Durability of the Mattress A feather mattress topper is added to the mattress, so it can take up the role of an additional layer. The mattress topper can keep your mattress safe from all types of scratches, stains, and even accidental food or beverage spills. And since a lot of mattress toppers are also bed bugs, mites, and parasites-resistant, they can improve the durability of the mattress and aid in keeping both its density and firmness intact. Choose the right feather mattress topper from the trusted feather mattress topper supplier to ensure the comfort of your bed and quality sleep. Feather mattress toppers are highly recommended for people suffering from back and body pain. They can also prolong the lifespan of your existing mattress and help you get the best sleep. The Top Advantages Of Terry Cotton Pillow Protector Thu, 10 Mar 2022 14:43:48 +0530 When it comes to the topic of the maintenance of your bedding, most people concentrate on the pillows and their coverings. Nonetheless, there is a crucial piece in your bedding collection that can expand the lifetime and functionality of any pillow; a pillow protector. The material with which these pillow protectors are made can be diversified. The material can be normal cotton, silk cotton, silk, resin and many more but nothing can give you more comfort than a terry cotton pillow protector. The advantages of a terry cotton pillow protector can not be described in words. These pillow protectors can help you to make a barrier against any discomforts and offer you sound sleep. Here in this article, we are interpreting the foremost merits of terry cotton pillow protectors in India. But before that, it’s necessary to know what is a pillow protector. Pillow Covers Terry cotton pillow protectors or covers are none other than special coverings made with terry cotton, especially used to make a boundary against any damage and split in the pillows. It can protect the pillows from any tints or moisture. As we indicated before that the material with which these coverings are prepared, can be different as per their functionality. Pillow protectors not only prevent damages but also keep the surface of the pillows clean and stain-free. Pillowcases also offer the same conveniences but pillowcases are required to be changed in a week while pillow coverings can be rinsed in a month. Apart from these, the pillow protectors can offer an ample range of benefits that can leave you amazed.Keep Pillows Pollutant-Free The primary benefit of pillow protectors is they keep your pillows free from any contamination. The utilization of hypoallergenic pillows helps you to get an allergen-free sleep. Therefore, if you add terry cotton pillow protectors to your pillows, it can increase the layer of protection against any contamination.  Any kind of pillow protector can act as an additional layer of protection against dirt, moulds, mildews, stains, small pollutants and many other allergy-causing components. If you are experiencing serious allergy symptoms, do combine a hypoallergenic pillow, a terry cotton pillow protector and pesticide-free pillowcases to curtail any kind of dermatological problems. Give Pillows Safety Against Any Damage  If you purchase authentic pillow protectors from any reputed terry cotton pillow protector supplier, it can give your pillows immense safety against any kind of damage. It’s undeniable that our pillows play a pivotal role in getting quality sleep and sleep is very important to get a healthy lifestyle.  We spend almost 8 hours a day with our bedding, so it’s significant to use high-end bedding equipment to make your sleep healthy. If a pillow protector is added to any pillow, it would protect the pillows from any damage or deterioration. A pillow protector can also prevent fading away of the pillow, and flattening of the pillows over time. Prevent The Pillows From Deterioration A pillow protector can not only prevent any damage to the pillows but also impede the shape deterioration of pillows. If pillows are used for years, they can be flattened and feathers can come out from them. But when you use a pillow protector, its chain wrap characteristic can’t allow the onside feathers or cotton strides to be spread and make any place contaminated. Prevent Odour A pillow protector can also help you to avert any awful odour due to the absorption of make-up, lotion or any type of spills. Therefore, follow our guide and enhance the quality of your sleep by adding a pillow protector to the pillows. What is the Uniqueness of the Pillow Protector? Wed, 04 May 2022 10:30:07 +0530 A pillow is a functional, relaxing component that provides enormous comfort to the body. Decorative pillow, throw pillow, and body pillow is different pillow types. People use a pillow when sleeping to support the neck and head. Another type of pillow supports the body when sitting or lying down. People use decorative pillows in chairs or couches.   Interesting Facts about a Pillow Cover A pillow cover is a valuable part of a pillow. A Pillow protectorcan protect the pillow from regular wear and tear. If you use a pillow cover, your pillow can last for a long.People use different materials for making robust quality pillow cover or cushion cover. A zipped pillow cover is very useful, and it can protect the pillow from dirt and dust.   Pillow Cover for Pillow Cleaner People use their pillows a lot. Even they use the pillow for napping or laying down to relax throughout the day. Due to this usefulness, the pillow has direct contact with your skin that keeps sweat, dirt, and germs. Over time, the pillow will get dirty from regular use. Using a pillow cover will prevent the build-up of germs, dead skin, and dirt. Zippered pillow cover is easy to remove, and you can easily clean this pillow cover.   The Pillow Cover Can Remove Allergens Pillows and cushions are notorious for capturing allergens, especially in winter. It is harmful to your health and creates various diseases. You can easily wash off the allergen and pollen using a zipped pillow cover. Indoor pillows can collect allergens such as dust and dirt. It is essential to maintain this system for asthma patients. The warm and humid climate is the bedding zone of these allergens.    Pillow Cover Makes the Pillow Fluffy Keeping your favourite pillow fluffy is an essential part. The pillow cover can protect against sweat and oil from the body and maintain its quality. If you can clean the pillow within 6 months, you can maintain the fluffy nature of the pillow. If you have experience with bed bugs, you can prevent it with a pillow cover. Pillow cover with zipper system can prevent bed bugs from entering the bed bugs in your pillow.   Sign of Excellent Pillow Cover The essential sign of the excellent and authentic pillow cover are as follows- • Cotton is one of the best materials useful to make a sturdy pillow cover. It can provide a super soft feel and luxurious sheen. A tight sateen weave makes the pillow cover smooth and comfortable. • Soft and durable microfiber polyester is another valuable material for making pillow covers. It is a wrinkle-free fabric that is useful for regular usage. It is a low-cost and budget-friendly pillow cover. • Mulberry silk pillow cover is one of the best pillows covers available online. Maximum pillow protector suppliers India provides these types of various pillow cover materials.   If you want to comfort you can choose cotton. But if you prefer a designer pillow cover, you can select silk or polyester material for your favourite pillow. You can verify the quality of the pillow cover before final purchase. Why To Choose Microfiber Duvet Over Others Thu, 12 May 2022 12:34:05 +0530 Well, being tired of all the hectic activities of the whole day be it professional or personal, physical or mental, one needs to get rest to relax fully. Certain experts and studies support that minimum sleep of 6 to 7 hours is a must for an average human. Sleep is also a form of rest which does wonder to human health.   Without an ounce of doubt, we know the vitality of quality sleep which is significantly supported by the quality of the bedding one has. If one wants a full-fledged performance for the next day, it’s important for him to have uninterrupted quality sleep. To ensure the same it is requisite to check the quality of mattresses, sheets, duvets and pillows so that you enjoy a deep sleep to relax all the neuroreceptors of your brain. Briefs About Microfibre Duvet Duvet in other words is also known as the quilt in many regions and is usually taken to cover one’s body while sleeping to maintain the temperature of the body. However, a microfibre duvet is made up of the finest fibres synthesised and is exceptionally light weighted. They are very comfortable to use and help for a good sleep which in result make  you healthy and charged up for the next day’s activity.   Advantages of the Microfibre Duvet There are innumerable benefits of the microfibre duvet, however, some of them are certainly mentioned below: 1) Exceptional Warmth: These microfibre duvets are very comfortable and maintain the optimum warmth of the bed for a restful night to relax to the fullest possibility.    Being relaxed makes one feel fresh for the next day. The maintenance of the warmth is due to the presence of the fine microfibre in it which tangle in such a perfect manner to not let the temperature of the body escape and make it cosy in there. 2) Comfortable: As they are light weight, they are very easy to carry while sleeping without any trouble. In addition to this, they are super soft due to the fine fibres used to manufacture them which ultimately increase the level of luxurious essence they provide. 3) Cost-Effective: These microfibre duvets are available at very competitive prices as compared to their alternatives in the market. They are easily affordable for middle-class people searching to invest their hard-earned money on something worth buying. 4) Durable: Microfibre duvets are very durable as these fine fibres are synthesised and are not decomposed or degraded under any normal condition. Other than this they are easy to maintain and clean. These microfibers used to make them are of a subtle quality and have exceptional longevity. All these factors of microfibre duvets are very appreciating and strongly convincing the use them regularly. So, checkout for the finest microfibre duvet manufacturers to fill up your stocks. Grab yourself the profit-oriented deal to excel in your business by engaging with the suppliers not settling down in the terms of quality as well as providing them with reasonable price ranges. So, pace in for serving the quality products in the public domain.